I love to tell a story through my illustrations, capturing that sense of childlike wonder and heart. That to me is what kidlit art is all about. It's where the magic begins, where all of us can recapture that thrill of youth, adventure, fun and discovery.

As a professionally trained Graphic Designer (BFA), I naturally love design in general, whether found in art, print, web, film, architecture or culture — you name it! Perhaps, that has something to do with my upbringing? While living most of my life in Colorado now, I find that London's still my heart's home. Whenever back there, that's when I feel most alive.

For me, the best part about living here is not actually the mountains but that my "children" are (still) here too. My little family remains my priority. And, whenever needing that extra lift, I simply look up... to those magnificent clouds forming off the Rockies, reminding me that I'm playing a tiny yet crucial part in this curious and gloriously complex designed world of dotty wonder. I'm lucky and grateful too that my wife (and best friend) also loves and enjoys these very same treasures. We both illustrate so that makes it even more wondrous.

Thank you for looking through my work. This portfolio shows a glimpse into the things that make me smile, offering a differing perspective from my over 25 years creating clean corporate design. Aside from providing the opportunity to raise and support my family, my career has always been about smart presentation, making ideas not just come to fruition but work for their audience. Creating illustrations like these though are truly what captures my heart. In whatever work I'm creating, it's always about telling a story, sometimes quickly (for deadlines) and at other times, to simply dwell in that moment of discovery.

If you see anything that sparks your imagination for one of your own projects or want to use my work in an article or such, please contact me. I enjoy meeting new people and love making others shine!